General terms and conditions

  1. Our offers and information provided are intended solely for the recipient and are to be treated confidentially. Any unauthorised disclosure to third parties, including authorised representative or contracting authority of the interested parties, will lead to full claim of the commission fee, if the third party to whom the information has been disclosed, concludes the main contract.
  2. The exposé was prepared according to the information provided by the seller. We assume no liability for the correctness and completeness. The information is non-binding. Subject to errors and prior sale.
  3. If the recipient is already aware of the opportunity to conclude a contract as proven by us, he must notify us immediately and, if requested, provide evidence of the same. If this fails to occur, our evidence proves to be the cause of the purchase or lease agreement until proven otherwise.
  4. If the recipient of this offer directly contacts the seller or its agent, our company must be designated. Our company is to be consulted not later than when the contract is concluded.
  5. Our claim to commission arises as soon as a valid contract has been created based on our proof and/ or our mediation. The claim to commission also arises if the contract is concluded on terms that deviate from the offer. It therefore also arises with leasehold instead of purchase, rent instead of purchase, purchase instead of rent as well as acquisition by way of public auction of the property by court order. The claim shall result, if there are contractual expansions and additions, which are related to the first contract temporally and economically. The claim to commission will be due according to the amount stated in the exposé.
  6. The broker may also work for the opposing party.
  7. If agreements in this contract are void in whole or in part, the effectiveness of the remaining agreements shall not be affected thereby. The ineffective agreement shall be replaced by an effective one which comes closest to what would have been intended by the contracting parties if they had considered this point at the time of documentation.
  8. Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction is Berlin for all participants.

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